LED Light Therapy

Medical Grade Light Therapy.

One of our most sought after treatments for skin healing, rejuvenation, acne and just plain relaxation is our highly advanced medical grade MediLux machine which aids the body's recovery process after procedures. Our medical grade photodynamic treatments use clinically proven effective wavelengths to therapeutically penetrate beneath the skin activating fibroblasts, energizing cells and skin tissue,  accelerating your natural healing process, and reducing pain. LED therapy is used in combination with our skin peels to upgrade your effect and is a deluxe addition to our skin care regimen.  

Combined with another A-lister in our clinic - Hylafuse moisturizing masks and your skin will glow with nourishment and vitality.  Visit us for the next level in skin care.

30- 60 Minutes Per Session

Doctor to Advise Further Treatments

$50-100 per session



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