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Our Pricing Explained

We apply the cost of filler + treatment fees to come up with a total cost to the patient. As a Medical Aesthetic practice, we don't get volume discounts from product companies that beauty salons and spa franchises get, so our product costs are high. The advantage of working with a Medical Aesthetics Doctor, however, is the fact that you get both a medical and aesthetic treatment. While beauty salons can and do treat your skin and beauty concerns, they treat end symptoms and are able to price cheaply based on huge volume discounts that they get on products. Added to that, they aggressively upsell treatments and products at high margins. Medical aestheticians, be they Plastic surgeon, Dermatologist or GP Aesthetician, treat patients in a medical model, looking at both the medical reasons for your skin concerns as well as how to manage them medically and aesthetically. We are bound by a medical code of ethics and medical practice standards, in our management of skin concerns. We treat your concerns to achieve permanent solutions, which means you are assured of a safe, long-term solution, and better outcomes. Medical aestheticians are held to the higher standards and that is our point of difference. We neither upsell products nor services, but are bound to sell you needed treatments that you can trust for results.




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